Big swedish pharmacy offers pjama


We can now proudly announce that Pjama AB has signed an agreement with one of the leading pharmacies on the Swedish market, namely Apotek Hjärtat, which becomes the first pharmacy in Sweden to offer products from Pjama. The products are available in Apotek Hjärtat's e-commerce and by ordering directly through any of the chain's pharmacy’s in Sweden.

Apotek Hjärtat has clearly identified incontinence among children and adults as a big target group and is now expanding its range with Pjama.

Pjama's products have been sold to people in over 65 different countries around the world through Pjama's own sales channels. During the year, Pjama initiated efforts to obtain a wide range of resellers on the European market. Collaborations have begun with resellers in Europe and currently have 20 web shops offering Pjama. A segment that is especially interesting is the pharmacy market.

-"We are excited to work with a major player like Apotek Hjärtat, which has the customer and quality in focus. Through Apotek Hjärtat we can reach more people suffering from bed wetting, young and old, and together make life easier for these people. “

Johan Bergenholtz, CEO Pjama AB