Bed wetting have for a long time been a problem for children and adults around the world. There are different ways to help the everyday sleep, such as bed linen, diapers and various Bed wetting alarms. But what about the nights when the individual wants to spend the nights at a friend’s house, summer camp or hotel nights with the family?

Pjama bed wetting pajama was launched to prevent this problem. A pajama with breathable and highly absorbed fabric that looks perfectly normal, with a waterproof function which will not allow the pee to leak when the person wet the bed in their sleep.

After the success of launching Pjama bed wetting Pajama in Sweden, we started selling to more countries, starting with Norway and the United Kingdom. It did not stop there, as of today, Pjama has sold to customers in over 60 different countries around the world.

- The success of the Pjama confirms that bedwetting is a global problem and it's so pleasing to see that the product has helped people in so many different countries. It will be incredibly exciting to see how we can develop the distribution and help more children, adults and families around the world to make bedwetting a smaller problem.

– Johan Bergenholtz, CEO Pjama.